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Chemical Biology Workshop 2024

Explore the forefront of host pathogen biology

25th - 26th June, 2024

About the Workshop

Chemical biology is the study of mechanisms underlying living systems using tools, methods and analytical frameworks involving molecular structures. The classic definition of chemical biology is the use of synthetic organic chemistry to create small-molecule probes or tools of biological processes and biomolecules. In essence, ‘tool making’ occurs hand in hand with ‘tool using’ central to understanding biological phenomena at the molecular level.   Unlike other allied fields, chemical biology has a more horizontal focus, borrowing tools from organic chemistry, biochemistry, analytical chemistry, biophysics, molecular biology, structural biology and cell biology.   This chemical biology workshop brings together some national and international prominent chemical biologists spanning one or more of the above mentioned fields of research to share their journey of addressing an important biological question using chemical tools and approaches.   One of the objective of this workshop is to provide a platform for intense discussion on the thriving upcoming areas in Chemical Biology focussed on “understanding and tackling bacterial infections using chemical biology and biophysics” to motivate the budding interdisciplinary researchers (UG, PG, and PhD students) of India. The workshop will try to shed light on how to initiate and perform interdisciplinary research to solve complex biological problems.

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